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What's Up with Trails in the King Mountain Neighborhood?

Our KMNA Parks, Rec, and Open Spaces (PROS) Subcommittee is busy. We want to share some of what they are up to! Over the last few months, the PROS subcommittee has done a lot of walking the neighborhood. As a subcommittee, they compiled their neighborhood knowledge and public documents from the City of Bellingham into one, comprehensive document on the state of trails in the King Mountain Neighborhood. It's impressive. We invite you to take a look. See attached.

Earlier this week, members of the subcommittee presented this document to Nicole Oliver, head of COB Parks and Recreation. Tonight, March 7th, 2024, with the support of Parks and Rec, they will present that same document to the Greenways Advisory Committee. The big message is: King Mountain Neighborhood stands out in Bellingham for its near total lack of trails and we are ready for that to change in a big way.

For those of you who share our readiness for safe trails and multi-modal connectivity, we invite you to reach out. We'd love to add more voices to our call for action.

KMNA Trails CMP 3-7-24 version
Download PDF • 7.85MB

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