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In 1997, the County designated this area, now the King Mt. Neighborhood, within Bellingham’s Urban Growth Area (UGA) and approved high density residential zoning.  For more than a decade this area had urban zoning with only rural services. In 2006 a group of King Mountain area residents formed a committee to annex this UGA into the city of Bellingham.  Although city staff was helpful in numerous ways; it was the property owners who made annexation happen. The final path to annexation was a vote of the property owners within the proposed area.  The final tally showed an overwhelming majority of the property owners favored annexation into Bellingham.  Thus, in 2009, King Mountain became Bellingham’s 25th neighborhood.


City of Bellingham / Neighborhood Plan / King Mountain - January 1, 2011

There is strong evidence that the King Mountain Neighborhood will have significant

growth in the future. Located between large industrial and commercial areas, the

neighborhood has had a long history of urban zoning.


Since 2009 the KMNA board has hosted and supported many social, political and educational activities for our neighbors.  It has always been the board’s goal to inform people of issues and activities affecting our area and how we as a neighborhood can be involved with the decisions that affect us. The King Mountain Neighborhood will continue to be a major residential infill area for the city of Bellingham.  Participants working within our neighborhood association have expressed a commitment to helping this neighborhood remain a healthy place to live.  A strong and active neighborhood association can have substantial impact on present and future decisions that help create the personality and livability of this community.



The King Mountain Neighborhood encompasses approximately 635 acres between the Meridian and the Irongate Neighborhoods. Baker Creek, Silver Creek, and tributaries of Squalicum Creek along with associated wetlands and wooded areas are found throughout the neighborhood. The most prominent feature of the neighborhood is King Mountain. Many of the houses in the area enjoy panoramic views of the City, Bellingham Bay, and the San Juan Islands. Four important transportation arterials bisect the King Mountain Neighborhood. They include East Bakerview Road, Telegraph Road, James Street, and Kellogg Road.


The KMNA Board

Who We Are

Jane Campbell.jpg



When did you start that role?

October, 2022

When did you move to the neighborhood? 

In 2016.

Why did you join the board?

I joined the board in 2019 because I am deeply committed to our neighborhood, and am convinced that a strong Neighborhood Association is an amazing way to positively engage with the many changes underway close to home.

What’s something you’d like us to know about you?  

I am a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest West. I love spending time outside, both for work and recreation. Also, I’m a mother and auntie to amazing kid-residents of King Mountain Neighborhood. Enthusiasm for their future is a big part of what fuels my hopes for our neighborhood and Bellingham at large.



Vice President

When did you take on that role?

September, 2019

When did you move to the neighborhood? 

March, 2019

Why did you join the board?

There is a huge amount of development and change coming to the neighborhood, I wanted to try and help communicate that change to the neighborhood and help amplify the neighborhoods voice back to the city.

What’s something you’d like us to know about you?  

I'm an English immigrant. I met my Coloradan wife at university in England and moved to the Denver, CO to marry her. We came to Bellingham in February 2018 and have fallen in love with the Puget Sound. You'll find us with our dog Bandit exploring the trails and taprooms around town.  




When did you take on that role?

September, 2019

When did you move to the neighborhood? 

March, 2019

Why did you join the board?

Not only am I new to the area, this is the first time I’ve owned a home.  I wanted to be sure that I had a front row seat to all the changes coming to the neighborhood, to give input into those changes, and to help build a strong and active community.​

What’s something you’d like us to know about you?  

I’m both a motorcycle safety instructor and a (non-active) flight instructor. Neither are my day jobs, but they sure are fun!



Board Member

When did you start that role?

February 2021

When did you move to the neighborhood? 

February 2018

Why did you join the board?

Our neighborhood is going through a lot of development. With so many opportunities for growth and improvement, I want our residents to be informed and feel empowered to drive positive change. The Mayor's Neighborhood Advisory Commission gives us a direct line of communication with the Mayor's office and the other 24 Bellingham neighborhoods, to learn what's happening around the city and share our interests and concerns.

What’s something you’d like us to know about you?  

I'm a Midwest and Southwest transplant who instantly fell in love with Bellingham and the PNW. I love getting outside with my husband, toddler, and our trusty adventure beast Lulu, or trying out new recipes at home on rainy days.

PROS bio photo.heic


PROS (Parks Rec and Open Spaces) Subcommittee Chair

When did you start that role?

PROS was formed in April of 2021 at which point I became the acting chair and I joined the Board in February 2022.

When did you move to the neighborhood?


Why did you join the Board?

I believe that access to green spaces in which to play/exercise/garden, gather with community, or enjoy a peaceful moment, dramatically increases the livability of a neighborhood and the well being of its residents. I love the outdoors and the natural beauty of the King Mountain area and wanted to engage positively with development in the hopes that we will have a beautiful and livable neighborhood for generations to come.

What's something you'd like us to know about you?

I grew up in BC, Canada, and have loved living in Bellingham for the past 16 years. Professionally, I am mother of 2 teens and a mental health counselor. Recreationally I am a musician, gardener, and doting cat mom. I am very grateful for the community that KMNA has connected me with. It's good to be friends with my neighbors!



Schools Subcommittee Chair

How long in that role: 

1.5 years

How long have you lived in the neighborhood?  

Since June 2019

Why did you join the board? 

I joined the board because I wanted to invest in the community where I live. The quality of a neighborhood is directly tied to the investment of its neighbors. Our community is particularly unique in Bellingham because we are in the urban growth zone and the city is actively planning how to design and create vision for our streets and community!  I am thankful to live here and want to do my part to contribute to its future. 

What’s something you’d like us to know about you?

Fun fact, I directed the preschool program at Bellingham Covenant Church on Bakerview for 7+ years and I LOVED IT! Preschool is my favorite age and I miss it. Although, I moved on to become a REALTOR and love that and all things real estate even more. It is my passion to help people invest in the roof over their heads and I am privileged to do the work I do! 

As for hobbies, you can find me at CrossFit, happy hour with my wonderful husband Coby, or working on the yard growing Dahlias. Someday I hope to have a stand outside the house to share with the entire neighborhood, because nothing is better then a neighbor who shares flowers :-) 

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