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Notice is hereby given that the Bellingham City Council will hold a Public Hearing on January 23, 2023 at 7:00 pm or as soon thereafter as possible during their Regular City Council meeting, which will take place in a hybrid format, to take public comment on the following:

To consider amendments to Bellingham Municipal Code Titles 20 and 21 for purposes of improving accessory dwelling unit (ADU) standards, permitting process, affordability, and consistency with state legislation.

Detailed information can be found at: five days prior to the public hearing.

Staff Contact: Chris Koch, Planner II,, (360) 778-8349

Anyone wishing to comment on this item is invited to do so. Advanced testimony is encouraged and can be presented to the Council online (, by telephone (360-778-8200), or by mail (210 Lottie Street, Bellingham, WA 98225). Comment received five days prior to each hearing, will be included in the agenda packet. Comment received after that will be distributed to Council but not included in the published packet. Anyone wishing to testify live during the public hearing can do so by registering at the following link: Pre-registration is encouraged. Anyone wishing to join the public hearing on January 23, 2023 may do so via the following link:, or by appearing in person at Council Chambers located on the second floor of City Hall, 210 Lottie Street, Bellingham, WA 98225.


Those who would like to listen in by phone can do so using any of the following phone numbers:

  • (253) 215 8782

  • (346) 248-7799

  • (669) 900-6833

  • (301) 715-8592

  • (312) 626-6799


Meeting ID: 839 2153 4374
Password: 9

Please note: mailed notices may be delayed due to weather related USPS closures or slowdowns


Jacqueline Lassiter


Legislative Assistant

Bellingham City Council



My incoming and outgoing email messages are subject to

public disclosure requirements per RCW 42.56


Sept 26, 2022

The City of Bellingham regularly send notices to the KMNA president to be shared with our neighborhood constituents.  These notices range from appllication notices for development in our neighborhood to citywide code public hearings.


Sept 26, 2022

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