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Preparing for Disasters with Whatcom CERT and MYN

KMNA is excited to highlight two empowering programs available to our neighborhood: the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) trainings.

The Whatcom CERT program educates ordinary people about disaster preparedness and trains them in basic disaster response skills. CERT members are prepared to safely and efficiently assist others in their neighborhood following an event when professional responders are unavailable to help. Ready to enroll? Please check their course schedule page to enroll. Another amazing resource that KMNA has previously highlighted (see blog) is the Map Your Neighborhood program (MYN).

The last few years have highlighted for many of us just how strained our public services can become in disaster level emergencies. If you are someone who would like to work with other KMNA members to forward the preparedness of our neighborhood for future disasters, be they earthquakes, fires, floods, or pandemics, the KMNA board would love to support you in forming a neighborhood association subcommittee. Please reach out to us here:




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