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KMNA Virtual Open Board Meeting

Hello neighbors! We look forward to seeing you at 7pm PT this evening for the open board meeting of the King Mountain Neighborhood Association (KMNA).

The meeting will begin at 7pm PT. As a reminder, this meeting will be hosted via Zoom. If you have not already signed up, that's ok! You can easily join the meeting at the start time by clicking "Join Here" below. You will be admitted to the Zoom and can submit questions at any time within the chat function.

Agenda below:


April 26 2021

I. Call to order

II. President's Report

III. VP's Report

IV. MNAC Report

V. Treasurer's Report

VI. Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces (PROS) Subcommittee

a. Area of focus

b. Current projects

VII. Elementary School Subcommittee

a. Area of focus

b. Current projects

VIII. 2021 Small Grant - "Welcome to the Neighborhood" Signs

a. Design

b. Location

c. Application process

IX. Closing remarks / next General Meeting

April 26, 2021

7:00pm PT

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