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KMNA Board Update: Gardens, Schools and More!

Your KMNA board is excited to share about upcoming events in our neighborhood. The new community garden plots at Van Wyck Park are slated for sign-ups this winter, and the new elementary school design is underway through Bellingham Public Schools. In addition, the KMNA board is planning to continue hosting City representatives as guest speakers throughout 2023 to talk specifically about our King Mountain Neighborhood!

The Board met on December 11, 2022 and discussed the following:

Plans for the Van Wyck Park Community Garden are moving forward. KMNA Pros Subcommittee will host a neighborhood meeting specifically about the gardens on January 23rd at 6:30pm. Details to follow soon. Sign-ups for plots will hopefully take place January/February, with planting in Spring 2023. To get involved or for more information, go to: Get Involved | King Mountain Neighborhood Association ( , choose the PROS subcommittee and complete the form.

The Bellingham Public Schools (BPS) design committee for King Mountain Elementary is up and running. Hannah Jones, your KMNA Schools Subcommittee chair, is representing KMNA on the BPS design committee. Hannah and the Schools subcommittee will be sending out a survey to KMNA email subscribers by the end of January. The results of this survey will be shared with the BPS design committee. To get involved with the KMNA subcommittee, go to: Get Involved | King Mountain Neighborhood Association ( , choose the schools subcommittee and complete the form.

The board also discussed our 2023 meeting scheduling and topics, including potential guests from the various City departments, specifically individuals from Planning and the Urban Forestry Management Plan. KMNA plans to have 4 general meetings in 2023, the first one in early March. These dates are somewhat contingent on City officials’ availability.

Lastly, we discussed various details about the association – bylaws, registered agents, governance structure, transitions from former board members to new board members – and steps necessary to formalize changes as we move forward on our quest to serve our neighborhood better.

If this or any other information we’ve shared is helpful for you, please share our website with your neighbors.

If there is something we are missing or could do better at, please consider volunteering your insights and enthusiasm. We would love more team mates! Reach out to us at:

Stay Tuned!

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