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Engaging with Development in our Neighborhood

Hello Neighbors,

Are you someone who would like to know more about development in our neighborhood? Good news! You can sign-up to be notified about any proposed developments at the start of a developer's application process. The best time to make you concerns and desires known for any development, big or small, is early in the process. We hope more of you will engage with the public process and advocate for the sort of development plans that will make King Mountain an enjoyable neighborhood for generations to come.

Write to us at if you would like to be on our COB Public Notices mailing list and request to be put on the mailing list.

We will forward COB Public Notices whenever the Planning and Community Development Department send them to our board. These notices come to us whenever they are ready, i.e. there is no regular release timeline. Currently, you will only receive such notices if you live adjacent to a property applying to develop. We believe that any development in the King Mountain neighborhood has an affect on all of us; but, often, us neighbors have valuable input for the ultimate design because we know our neighborhood not just our own property. If you have never engaged in this public process before and want further insight into how to navigate it, the first step is to call the planner assigned to the proposal. Their name will be on the notice. Part of their job is to educate ordinary citizens about how to engage effectively. Here, for an example, is a recent notice sent to our board about a development proposal on James Street:

The city also maintains a "Development Dashboard"which you can access by going ot the "Resources" page on our website ( or through the following direct link:

Thanks for reading this post and we hope to hear from you soon!

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